Why This Iranian Immigrant Is For Mitt Romney

October 27, 2012

In 1978 when I first arrived on America’s golden shores as a teenager I had a lot of expectations, but never this one! I never expected to find America to be such a moral nation as I then found it. People were honest, sincere, caring and sober to the realities of life! I also did not at that time appreciate the significance of any of this or how it related to America’s success and preeminent position in the world. I went about my life growing up, going to school, making many mistakes and recovering and learning from them and in the process building the life I now enjoy in this great country. Although a conservative in my core beliefs because of all the freedom and opportunity I had gained by coming to America, I was largely politically unaware until the 2008 election. It was at that time, and arguably too late, that I realized how ‘doing the right thing’ and America’s fate were inextricably intertwined and this is how.


Whenever I asked myself any question, any question at all, about how things had gone wrong in America, regardless of the issue in question the answer would always come up that someone, somewhere in America had done the wrong thing. This wrongdoing, I realized, crossed party, age, gender, religion and all other demographic lines. President Bush, for example, did the wrong thing in expanding the national entitlement debt. The Democrats in Congress did the wrong thing passing laws that forced banks to lend money to people who demonstrably could not afford to pay the loans back. Churches did the wrong thing as they became worldly and failed to preach the true Gospel and some were even overtaken by the commission of grave sins within their own walls and against their most vulnerable members. We, the people, did the wrong thing as we failed in our duty to watch over our own rights by holding our politicians accountable. I, along with many others, was literally asleep at the wheel! It was that realization that finally woke me up. I realized that change had to start with me. I had to stand and fight by doing the right thing. It was either that or America, the country that had provided me with every opportunity I ever had, would literally founder and sink and there would no future left for me and my family! I, who had been content to be a legal resident for many long years, finally acted and became a citizen in 2011! I did it so I could vote for the right candidates – the ones who would do the right thing for America- in all the subsequent elections and thus make a difference in the outcomes of those elections. I am starting the process with the presidential election in 2012.


2012 is a critical year for many reasons but the bottom line is that a fiscal cliff is ready and waiting for us to slip and fall off its slippery edge. It is a cliff brought about by the bad fiscal policy president Obama and his administration put into place and it is driven chiefly by gross overspending on entitlements in general and Obamacare in particular. By all accounts president Obama has no plan to change this policy in a potential 2nd term so our only remedy is to make sure president Obama does not get a 2nd term . We cannot continue the present course and allow the fiscal cliff scenario to come to pass because this will destroy or, in the best case scenario, severely delay all future economic opportunity for our children and grandchildren. We need men who understand the principles of a free economy and sound fiscal policy, and, more importantly, we also need men who will do the right thing for our country. Mitt Romney has a firm grasp of and extensive experience in producing capital and jobs in a free economy. Paul Ryan is arguably the top practitioner of sound fiscal policy in the nation. Both men are of high moral character as exemplified in their personal and professional lives. They are men who can and, more importantly will do the right thing! That’s why when I go into the voting booth at my neighborhood polling station on Tuesday November 6, 2012, I will be voting for my family and my country. I will be voting ROMNEY/RYAN 2012.

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