What is wrong with our government?

May 11, 2012

This past week, I heard a number of my fellow Patriots, question~”What is wrong with our government? Where are our representatives, and why aren’t they doing their jobs?
There can be a number of responses to these questions, and I don’t even know where to begin.
So, to calm down those who were immediately concerned, all I could say was, “Hang in there! I am working on some kind of Constitutional Rally, but I need to get it organized!:
But, those are excellent questions given the broad spectrum of problems this country faces. Our elected officials have completely failed us and are continuing to do so each and every day.
Our Founding Fathers, wanted to live free or die trying. They wanted their families and all future generations to live in a country that was deplete of tyrannical rulers, self proclamation of kings and other such rulers. They wanted the freedom to practice religion without being told which church had the rights over their lives. They wanted to be able to stand guard against personal invasion. They wanted to be free to stand up to their leaders without fear of prosecution or persecution if they didn’t agree with what their leader was demanding.
They wanted to be able to assemble, peacefully, amongst their neighbors without fear, that their families lives or homes would be destroyed. They wanted to be able to read news articles, about the state of affairs their nation was in, and believe what was being reported.
They wanted to work in their fields, knowing their toils were going to be beneficial to their families and community.
They wanted leaders to lead them, without fear of an invading army. They wanted, leaders, who weren’t afraid to work hard beside them. To bleed with them, if necessary.
They wanted limitations put on those in leadership, so no man, would think himself king or ruler. When their time was over, he could pass his position to the next elected, to be able to step in and continue with the position, to maintain our government. And when your time was done, go back to work, whether it was in the fields or in an office. Permanent positions lead to beliefs of ruling the nation. I’m not just talking the presidency, I’m talking all elected positions.
While I’m thinking of it, how did it ever come to pass, that all elected officials retain a salary after their time in office is over? Who voted for that? Was it ever given to the people? Self appointments, lead to corruption!
Taxation without representation~Think about that! My taxes are taken out and paid to our elected officials, thereby, we have representation-TO THEM!!! If they are “voting” themselves raises, healthcare, pensions, and not putting anything back into the coffers, how are they representing me? And who gave them that authority?
Oh, and what about the Lame Duck? And who gave it that name anyway? We’re at the mercy of THEM!! All of them! From the president down!
We have to see who’s getting what favors returned, who’s murderer is going free, what bills are pushed through, that I can almost bet, won’t be in “our” best interests. That is probably, the scariest time of all with us not knowing what will be on the agenda during that time. From what freedoms will be taken away to what Executive Orders will be signed, to what injustices will be shoved down our throats!
And what about the August recess? You can’t handle the heat? You have to leave for the month because it’s too hot to work? No, no, no, we have air conditioning these days, SIT DOWN!! During this “recess”, how many of your constituents do you actually listen to? How many town halls do you actually attend and hear what we are asking? Since you can’t take the heat in Washington, D.C., do you really expect me to believe, you can handle the heat from your constituents?
Three hundred and fifty million American’s want to know, “Who do you people think you are?”
What gives you the right to stand up and tell us, we have to pay more taxes, more on groceries, gas, housing and medical, when we pay YOU to represent us and take away the freedoms which sets us apart from other countries? You impose regulations on almost every industry in this country, so you can say you’re working for all of us, so we are living a cleaner, healthier life. Are we really? When we are relying on countries to supply our fuels, so we don’t breath in hazardous air, we are trading our own self reliance and safety for in exchange of funding terrorist countries, who we all know, see us as the enemy. They laugh at us, all the way to the bank! And yet, mining and drilling on our lands are restricted because we might offend someone who doesn’t want to see smog, or a lizard lose it’s habitat, while they commute all over town trying to find those perfect shoes, or to get into the hottest night club, or see the latest blockbuster movies!
Nope, it’s always better for us to save that lizard. Don’t get me wrong, I love most creatures. Snakes, not so much. Furry and feathered are best to me, even though I’ve been known to let my son have a snake and Iguana. My daughter even had pet Hermit crabs, but nope, cannot run a lizard, turtle, or even one sited owl out of a habitat, even though, it was proven that the owl was not really there at all for nesting purposes. No habitat lost, and no American jobs.
It makes no sense to me, when you tax or regulate an industry to death, and they have to close shop and lay workers off, how you believe you are going to maintain a salary yourself, when no one is paying taxes. Oh yeah, you’re going to make the rich pay their fair share!!!
Where is YOUR fair share? How much did you pay? What percentage? 10,20.70%?
I thought taxes was a voluntary thing. How much did you “volunteer”? And, if the people are paying taxes voluntarily, then how come the percentages keep changing? Oh that’s right too, Because your salaries keep changing. We don’t get to vote on that, therefore, it’s that self appointment thing again.
And with all the raises and benefits you keep giving yourselves, the more freedoms we’re having taken away.
Arizona has some beautiful desert blooms this time of the year, but I can’t see them because of all the restrictions imposed “for our own safety”. SECURE OUR BORDERS so other American’s can come and see how beautiful a desert can be in Spring, and watch the most beautiful sunsets in the country!
If we’re paying taxes, why am I a hostage in my own home? But, yet, you take August off because it gets too hot in D.C. and you can’t work?
Who the hell are you people representing?
Y O U R S E L V E S ! ! !

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