Today We Struggle, And Tomorrow Too

November 12, 2012

Today we conservatives struggle to find meaning in our movement, in our country and even our personal lives. The lessons this presidential election is teaching us are seemingly unending so where do we start? How to do we get from where we are to where we are going? How do we even know where that is?

There are those who tell us that the key issue is nothing more than changing demographics and we must adapt our ideology to what these changing demographics want, need and demand. There are those who advocate the need for candidates who are so purely and vehemently conservative that they leave no doubt in the minds of the voters as to who is truly conservative and who is not. There are yet others who blame the election failure on the two-party system even as they advocate their favorite, third, fourth and fifth party which emerged before, during or after this election. So which of these people is right and what direction should the conservative movement take? The answer is both none of them and all of them!

First let us establish that the flaw does not lie within the conservative message. Our ideology is sound because history has proven it as such. When implemented, conservative fiscal and defense policies have succeeded no matter who wielded them in terms of partisan affiliation. Presidents Kennedy and Reagan were both successful at implementing such policies albeit to differing degrees.

Our problems in America are far more fundamental than demographics, candidate quality or the number of viable political parties. The problem is a moral decay that affects all demographics, candidates and political parties. In a nation born of true freedom when a candidate advocating for dependence on the government wins a landslide election aided – almost unnecessarily- by obvious fraud at the polls, what else could the problem be? If you are a patriot of good conscience, you know this is true! If you are still in denial over this, you need to realize it and internalize it now!

The only way to meet and overcome this challenge is clear. It is the way America has always overcome dire challenges. Patriots of good conscience don’t give up! Instead they screw up their courage, stand together, stand fast and fight with a firm commitment to the long term no matter how daunting the odds! If you are interested in restoring America for our children, this is what you must do today, tomorrow and every day that we still draw breath until we win through!

Do keep in mind that this is a grand strategy. Specifics tactics are a different matter and I will discuss those in future installments of the Arizona Conservative.

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