That’s it!!! I quit!!!

May 16, 2012

I don’t get it! I just don’t get it!

What is wrong with the brains democrats carry around all day? Every-time, I turn on the news, I hear what is happening in our country, and I tried, I really did, try, to understand, how do the liberals think?
There must be some kind of chemical reaction that takes place in their brains, that make them think differently, with the same information given to a conservative, that just makes it impossible for them to process legitimate information.

As an example, Elizabeth Warren~Now, here is a case of information given to her as a child, that says, she has 1/32 Native American Indian, running through her veins. At what point, percentage wise, does that minute amount of blood, give her special entitlements? And her reasoning is outrageous, to say the least. To help her meet more people like her and get her special invites to social gatherings! WOW!!! What an ego! She thought, 1/32 American Indian Heritage, would entitle her to special invites!

Well, obviously, other people with 1/32 Indian blood, don’t feel the need to book special luncheons, or hold private meetings, so others can feel more, a part, of something bigger.
Why don’t I tell you all my little secret! My mother’s mother, was half Cherokee Indian, which made my mother 1/4, which makes me 1/8. Now that is just my mothers side!

I have a first cousin, on my dad’s side, who won the title of Native American Indian Association Princess. Yes, she is my cousin, and held that title for 10 years! Granted, her mother was full blood Cherokee, but do I get the same benefits? Of course not!! I wouldn’t even think of filing for anything!

Now, if I was to claim minority status, given the amount of Indian Blood running through my veins, I should be entitled to many things! But….I wouldn’t file for any of them, because I’m not that way! I was taught, nothing in life is free, somebody is always paying for it!

I just don’t understand how another on the left, was elected after he claimed to be a Vietnam Vet, when it turned out, he never served! And his excuse for claiming that, was he simply misspoke! How do you miss speak? Either you did or didn’t!! Anything else would be a fabrication! A total lie! But, yet, he won his election! I just don’t get it! Don’t those people know, that if you can lie, repeatedly, with a straight face, you’re going to lie about other things? You’re going to say whatever you want the people to think, and then do as they (the politician) want, even claiming, it’s for their constituents best interest and I’ll just tell them I misspoke!

What is it, in the brain, that makes them so stupid? Yes, I said stupid? Either they have no morals, or they just are out to serve themselves. I do believe, they are not thinking for the rest of us. But, yet, I wonder, how do they honestly believe, they are smarter and better, then their constituents? When they can’t even make up lies good enough to not get caught in, how do they think the rest of us are so stupid?

And, here is another thought~Who the hell does this president think he is? How can he honestly think he can be set up as one of the top presidents of all time? Our tax dollars are being spent on a new White House dot gov site for each and every president in the past, and how Obama is doing the same thing those presidents had done, so he can be ranked within the top four! Then, to top off the wasteful spending, the Republican’s are posting pictures of Obama in with other paintings or pictures of past presidents, as a joke, to show how insane the presidents dreams of grandeur really are! And on top of all that wasteful spending, bonuses paid out to federal workers $439 million!

Who get’s bonuses when the company is failing? In my past employment, I would get bonuses if the company was doing well, if not, no bonus! How can $439 million dollars be paid to the people who are trying to raise our taxes? Wasteful spending, wasteful time, all needs to end! STOP the insanity already!! How are the democrats going to defend their reasoning behind this spending? This administration is wanting the American people to believe, he needs more time to finish what he started! After all, he had to clean up President Bush’s mess before he could make any real headway to “fixing” the economic fiasco!! Of course, he won’t remind us that under the last 2 years of the Bush Administration, the House and Senate were democratic majority, and they would not budge on any attempt of the president to stop the insanity of the Barney Frank housing fiasco, which is a direct result of the collapse! No, he won’t tell his constituents that piece of honesty! Just like the rest on the left, it falls back on the former administration! There is no need to look further than his teleprompters, he is “one of the top 4 presidents” in history! With him thinking that way, it reassures my thinking that his wife and kids’ visit to Mt. Rushmore WAS for measuring his head for addition to the monument!

I’ve just had it! I have tried to rationalize their way of thinking, but I’m coming up empty! Empty like my gas tank, empty like my wallet, and empty like the words spoken by the left!

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