Not enough hours in a day!

April 28, 2012

I know that it has been over 2 weeks since I last wrote an article here, but I have got to tell you, there just isn’t enough hours in a day, days in a week, or weeks in a year, sometimes!
I have had many things going on personally, and whenever I feel I have time to do some research, I hear something else, and I start reading about that. Before I get that article done, somebody will tell me something that they had heard on the radio, and I do a Google search on that! By the time, I find the sources, something else is brought up!
When does a person have time to take it all in?
I had an opportunity to get out of town for a day, with my husband and sister, and go rock hounding! What a great time it was! Then, after a good nights rest, I hear that the government has included in the Omnibus Bill, an increase in mining claim fees! Now, I haven’t finished doing all the research of that bill to find whether it includes all mining, or is it just mineral?
Now, for any persons who likes to get out and do a little off-roading, or horse back riding, atv-ing, or anything that would not necessarily be on posted roadways, you have already felt the pinch of limited areas! There have been friends who have gone just south of us, to do a little metal detecting for their ambitions of grandeur, only to be stopped by posted signs denying access! Even if they have a paid claim, they cannot get to those areas by way of motorized transport!
Then I hear that with the Omnibus Bill, claim sizes have been reduced by 1/8 for the same fees.
So, if you have ambitions of fresh air, physical exercise, and a possible piece of gold, you may have the ways and means of getting out of town, but not the means to reaching your claim or paying for said claim because of the price increase. Here if you can afford to file the claim fee’s, you can’t get to them in a motorized vehicle, you have to hike your way into your claim because of the road closures!
That may or may not seem to be a big issue, but think of it like this~If you see an administration who is taking action in Executive Order, to the rights of your vegetable garden, water and food storage, transportation, and arms, and calling for said items under the name of Emergency Management, and add into that thought that said administrations, unlimited detainment of a possible threat to country, posting signs in known illegal human trafficking corridors, to keep the American people out and “safe” but yet, raising fee’s to “legal” claims in or around our forest lands or public lands.
What if you think of it like this~You can afford to pay the fee’s and plan on spending time at your claim, and there is a national emergency and your family was moved to a FEMA camp, and you get a visit by the Forest Service that you have to get back to town. How did they know where you were exactly? They have your name, claim name, and location on file, and can find you wherever you are!!!
You have to sign in whenever visiting National Parks, and in recent years, you have to pay a fee to camp in certain locations. They will ALWAYS know where you are and how long you’ve been “away”!
Then during the time I wasn’t on here, I watched a video titled “Dial ‘O’ for Murder: Voter Fraud, Intimidation, and Murder in the Obama 2008 Campaign”. This was something I watched after reading an article about the fraud in the 2008 elections. And I wondered, what’s to stop them this time around?
I’ve read about the communists infiltration into our government since, I think, the 50’s and how they planned the decline of our countries morals and started the women’s lib movement of the 60’s instilling the belief system that men never saw their female counterparts as equal, and non essential in the work force! They wanted to get to our children at the earliest possible age, to teach them their agenda to make the children not listen to their own parents and believe the parents are just stupid and then making it acceptable to be homosexual and if anybody disagreed then they were the radical extremists, racial and hypocritical zealots!
How do we fight the enemy within? Right now, it is very clear that this administration is not going to work for the people, but to limit our freedoms and share the wealth! How can any candidate win when this administration has unlimited campaign funds, whether legal or not, no candidate can spend enough to fight! Even when there is absolute proof from numerous places, that Mr. Obama is not even legal or qualified with his work history to hold the highest office, how can any candidate fight against all the illegalities of this administration?
With the accusations of voter fraud, and in some instances, proof of fraud, and now learning that the company hired to count the ballots is a company owned by George Soros, how can we not know that Mr. Obama WILL win this election?
I’ll admit it, Romney is not my candidate, but I will vote for him in November, but I wonder, is my vote going to matter? Will it actually be counted?
Another four years with this administration, and our country will not be the United States of America! It will be the United Socialist States of America! There will be no freedom of religion, no right to bear arms, no stopping illegal search and seizure of property!
I talked to my brother a while back and he told me, our military will not detain it’s citizens, so the government will create a situation over seas, send our military there, and bring in the U.N. forces to detain us. They will have no problem kicking grandma out of her home and if necessary, execute citizens who rally against them. There will be no emotional ties to any family here. We will not be able to drive our vehicles to any safe place out of town when the March 16, 2012 NATIONAL DEFENSE RESOURCES PREPAREDNESS Executive Order takes effect. Our national forest are already closing roads, most camping area’s require registration and fees, and any food or water storage we have will be turned over to the government. Even our own personal vehicles will be confiscated to the government and we’ll have to walk or run anywhere we are trying to go!
Registered gun owner’s will be first on the list for seizures of arms. I’m not advocating illegal gun purchases, but we are registered in every aspect of our lives. The government knows what land we own, what guns we carry, and what vehicles are registered at our properties. Utilities, credit cards, and bank accounts, all tell the government what they want to know about each and every one of us. If you try to get “off grid” with your own power source, the electric company fines you! Most cell phones have GPS in them, you don’t think the government knows where you are and who you talk too? Keywords used from computer chat rooms, to Google Search are all on the governments scope! Don’t say anything you don’t want them to know about! Big Brother is not only watching, they’re reading, listening and administering every aspect of our lives.
And I ask again, will my vote matter? Will Romney really have a fair chance at winning the 2012 elections? Or is the deceit so out of control in our own government that even the officials who COULD do anything to stop the fraud will?
What will it really matter if my voted did count, but the owner of the elections counting company made sure that Obama’s numbers are always more? With dead people voting, will that outweigh the numbers of the living who see what is going on and know that what they voted for in 2008 is not what they got? Will those people who voted left last time, be so die hard, that no matter how bad things are now, they will continue to support this administration?
I have to continue to believe in my country! I have to continue with my prayers! Even though I see that this country is in serious peril, I have to believe God will continue to guide me to the right people in my life that believe as I do! I will continue to fight for what I know is right, and I won’t stop just because others believe they know more than I do, and know what is best for my kids or grand kids! No way! My kids have no idea what our country fought for in generations past. Yes they know about the wars, but they weren’t taught the reasons why! The only morals my kids have are the ones we instilled in them at a young age, and even when they came home from school and told me how I didn’t know something, I sat them down and explained to them how things REALLY were and are. Just the other night, my teenage daughter and I sat down and just talked about “things”. I told her I couldn’t believe how things are so acceptable from homosexuality to teen pregnancy! Even though there were those same issues while I was in school, it just wasn’t accepted! Yes, it happened, but we didn’t go out and celebrate them the way kids do these days! And now, if you disagree with any of these things, then you are either prejudiced or bigoted or they can come up with any name they see fit! I call it morally educated, but hey, I’m just not hip to things these days!
Like I said earlier, there is just not enough hours in a day to understand everything that is going on! I would love to sit down and read one article but there is so much more happening that by the time I get done with one article that’s old news and there is 10 more stories that need to be read!

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