Malia Obama’s Spring Break

March 22, 2012

I’ve just learned, that the eldest daughter of President and First Lady Obama, is on a Mexican Spring Break, with 12 of her closest friends! How exciting!!

I have some concerns that the United States State Department, has issued travel warnings to the citizens of the United States for Spring Break vacationers to certain parts of Mexico, but I’m sure that only pertains to persons who do not have the security in which we provide for our highest official and their families!

I’m sure that a responsible 13 year old, and her closest friends, would not be in harms way of a flying bullet from a drug cartel which has prevented other educated persons from having a vacation!  I’m sure, the young teenagers are having a very educational vacation visiting historical sites, and history lessons while learning of the history of that state.  At least the 25 Secret Service Agents, accompanying the First Child, is protecting her from any danger that would befall any other teenager or foreign traveler to such a dangerous area!  And I’m sure, the First Family, has spared no expense in protecting their oldest child and her 12 companions!

But, I have to question, how much would the cost be to me, if I had the available funds, to hire the professionals, to protect my child and their most closest friends?  How much could my child learn visiting the historical sites, and archaeological monuments?

Let’s see:

According to, a Secret Service Agent, who has been in service for 10 years, (I wouldn’t want a rookie protecting my child) makes an annual income of $95,000.00.  That is, of course after carrying a bachelor’s degree in a foreign language.  A 5 year Secret Service Agent with a bachelor’s degree in language makes a yearly income of $90,733.00.  Now, I’m going to break those incomes down to a 10 day vacation cost, just so we know what it would cost us if we had the privilege traveling with armed, trained, and educated bodyguards!

A Master Secret Service Agent, in charge over the other 24 agents, for 10 days would cost:               


24 Secret Service with 5-9 years experience:                                                              


Now, that’s a total Secret Service Cost for 10 days:                                                      


I would have to assume that a pediatrician was accompanying the first child, only to make sure she or her 12 closest friends, didn’t pick up the dreaded Montezuma’s revenge, or malaria, or some other type of illness.  According to the same above mentioned site, a pediatrician earns: $146,900 (for 10-19 years experience) Breaking this down to 10 days:                                              


Also, if they were to get a guided tour of any archaeological site (for educational purposes) the above site declares, they earn: $45,000 per year with a master’s degree (I wouldn’t want a novice teaching my child) broken down for 10 days:          


Also, including a private teacher to teach other area’s of historical places may cost you:                


per hour and only claiming 8 hours per day for the 10 day trip, comes to:  According to’s site:                              


And, we can’t forget lodging for the secret service for 10 days, I found on’s site for $67.00 per night, 25 Secret Service Agents, and a private teacher would cost:                                                                              


That is a total cost of:                                                                                  


Of course, that is only for protection and education professionals, plus a private pediatrician.  That wouldn’t account for the 13 extra rooms for the kids, if they didn’t double bunk, food, gift items, or international text messages, and or phone calls with roaming charges, etc. that I would expect my child to make in my absence.  That doesn’t include as well, transportation there, vehicle rentals, or the cost back to America!

We also wouldn’t be able to claim this trip on our taxes as a business trip, since it’s against the law to enter into any kind of professional contract with a minor child!  And I wouldn’t expect her Spanish to be so fluent as to be making any political agreements with a foreign government.

But, I’m sure, our First Family, has paid for this trip, out of their own pockets! I know, they would NOT be expecting us tax payers, to pay for their oldest daughters Spring Break! That would be deceiving to the citizens’ of this country, who are scraping by each payday, just making our own obligations, and not going on our own FAMILY vacations.  And just because the Secret Service is a career opportunity paid for by the citizen’s of this country, doesn’t mean, the First Family would take advantage of us!  No, I’m sure, they are paying for these agents out of their own pockets!  And, I did one more search and found, a licensed bodyguard can make upwards of $100,000.00 depending on their experience and training, so even if the First Family wasn’t convinced that the Secret Service wasn’t good enough to send their child south of the border, they could have hired trained professionals for a few dollars more.  But, what’s good for mom and dad, is just fine for their oldest daughter!!!

Hope and Change~worst reason to vote for this president!!

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