April 5, 2012

What can I say? A few weeks ago, I was taking part in a group discussion about Socialism. And I had spent quite a bit of time doing research and learning about the history of this type of government.
I had started writing about it and wanted to show how history is repeating itself. You know the old saying about history repeating itself, and wondered, how could we not take this seriously?
I had so much to say but after starting my article, I became overwhelmed with so much information in my head, I couldn’t get it out in the article fast enough! I hit a mental writers block.
Once I hit that block, I spent days trying to go forward, when I realized it was bigger than I could actually wrap my brain around.
Then I wondered, is this what happened in history? Somebody came up with an idea, that in his own mind, could help the lower class, recreate a government that would, in theory anyway, help to lift up the “lower class” into a better position in society? Take away the “upper class” and spread the wealth down into the “lower class” creating the “middle class”. All would be equal and we would no longer have the elite!
All through history, we see how idea’s can become beneficial to all civilizations. If not for the idea of a wheel, we wouldn’t be where we are today. That’s non argumentative!
Somewhere in history, it became the norm, for whoever was oldest in society was head of the clan. The elder made the final decision in what he thought was beneficial for the clan!
Then, somewhere in time, whoever was the best gatherers, whether of food or tools, was the leader of the pack. Obviously, you’d want to follow them, so you too, could provide for your family.
Then came a democracy! Elected officials that gathered and held meetings that was in the best interest of the village of people, where the group was too large for only one head of state and didn’t or couldn’t give out the best idea’s on how to “gather” if he was best at making or advancing tools or weaponry.
With Democracy, you would take the gathered people and they were to vote for whom they thought would be best in finalizing judgements, in the people’s best interest.
But, again, somewhere in time, the “government” of the people became one sided, and the best interest of the people was not as important as the lining of their own pockets. Those elected wanted more power and “done away” with other members of the board. This became a corrupt system.
We now had rulers who appointed themselves “KING”, and all those who had the privilege of voting, was now the slaves to the newly appointed. While the slaves toiled daily, the benefits of their labor was passed up to an elite.
Wars were waged, not for the safety of the people, but for the king to “own” more land and with more land, came more slaves.
Slaves were not able or allowed, to deny the king, for the king would punish the “anti” king, by usually death or family starvation. Either way, you were made an example of, so the other members of that group would know just how mighty the king was.
But, in the masses of slaves, were thinkers. The thinkers gathered in secret and held meetings on how to get rid of that king, and created a rebellion.
Rebellions have occurred all throughout the lands or kingdoms, to remind the mighty, the people no longer see you as a leader in their best interest. When their daily toils were sent “up” to the elite, and they barely had enough “needs” to provide for their own family, something had to be done. They needed to remind the village, this king, or maybe even the next, were not deciding beneficially for the whole. They also knew, the next king may even be worse than the one they currently needed to deal with. Perhaps, to line the pockets of the kings, they may have to send their young children into the fields, or worse, battle for the king always needed more slaves!
The thinkers of the people wanted their toils to increase beneficially for their own families, and overthrew kingdoms.
With the advancement through time, we’ve learned that each group of people excelled in different area’s of existence. Some became farmers, ranchers and domesticates. While others became machinist or weapon makers. We have bakers and tailors, writers and teachers. Throughout time, we’ve learned a craft or trade and taught the next generation how to do the family business and, as times changed, so did the way of running those businesses. Idea’s could change a flavor of a food, or a fastener of shoes. Taking a simple wheel and creating transportation. And with passing knowledge down, one has always tried to make their own idea’s run their craft more efficiently, better, safer and less time consuming. Making a better product in less time with better tools or machinery.
In comes the Industrial Revolution! For those who became masters of their trade, they could charge more for their product. They could buy better leather or machines or dyes. They could hire workers who could assemble the products. When they could afford the “better” items, the benefits would spread to the others who mastered their trades and sell their better products and hire help to create more of their wares.
This kind of advancement became Capitalism. The master of his/her trade, hired people to help in growing that business and paid for that help. Those who got paid, turned around and spent their money however they wanted. Usually in food and housing, but not always. It was up to them to decide how to spend their earnings. And for the master’s of their trade, while putting anything they had extra, into creating their idea’s, were now able to save their money for whatever they wanted or to pass down to their children. They were not kings, but the heads of their own trade and made decisions that were in the best interest of their company, and employee’s futures. You either worked and got paid, or you didn’t work and didn’t get paid.
And somebody had the idea, THAT was not fair! In comes the Socialist Revolution!
There shouldn’t be the rich and the poor, the haves and the have nots! The upper and the lower class. Everybody should be equal and life should be fair! And so, somebody’s idea, grew publicly until there was a revolt in the land and all were made equal! Now everybody worked for the government and the government benefited. But, the government had to work too! They had to make sure the people had food, medicine, clothing, shelter; everything that was needed to keep the people, healthy, safe, and productive. The benefits of an equal class were demanding! If the government failed to feed one group, the other group had to work harder. The unfed group had no strength to work so couldn’t put forth their labor until food or medicine was delivered. And if the weather didn’t cooperate, food couldn’t be grown, harvested and delivered, and you had even more people going hungry.
It wasn’t fair if one family’s livestock produced better quality meat than the other, because that would mean that family was providing better quality food or more water than the family whose livestock were weak or of poor breeding quality. No, that is a disadvantage that can not be tolerated. Everyone has to be equal, that is only fair!!
So, I ask you, where does it stop? Where do we, the people, go when we are being governed by an elected official who wants to change our country from a productive, free nation, into a country that is fair? Rely on a government to feed, house, and medicate, one and all, equally, even if someone knows a craft better than the other!
Even if one can grow better vegetables or a better quality meat source than another~Is that rancher going to have to divide his herd to somebody who does not have the experience, and watch their once healthy herd become weak and die? All in the theory of fairness?
If that rancher knew to take the sick of the herd and quarantine them so as not to infect the others, and keep his supply healthy, and give part of his herd to someone who has no idea what one sick animal can do to healthy ones?
Where is the fairness in that? It wouldn’t be fair to the animals! Would PETA step in? Oh yeah, they can’t, because that wouldn’t be fair!
What happens to the farmer who takes the time plowing the fields, and weeding the crops and toils daily just to have to give his seeds away to the guy next door who doesn’t know you have to prepare the ground to make it healthy enough to grow nutritious crops? What if the neighbor doesn’t “feel” like working in the heat? Is that fair to receive half of the hard working farmers seeds?
Do you see where I am going with this? Fair is when there is equal labor, equal production and equal thinking!
There is no such thing as an equal society. You may have the same opportunities as the next guy, but it’s what you do with that opportunity. One might be stronger and can do the physical labor, while others are better at trying to find a way to make it easier for the laborers! One might be better at growing food, while another is better at combing the ingredients to make foods taste it’s best. Not all of us are chef’s, and not all of us are doctor’s. But, we were all given equal opportunities when we were born!
You can’t change history, BUT, you can work at not repeating it!!

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